The Hino 195 diesel and 195h diesel-electric hybrid are now available as a standard two-door cab, or as an optional four-door double cab. 
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The Hino 195 diesel and 195h diesel-electric hybrid are now available as a standard two-door cab, or as an optional four-door double cab.

Photo: Hino

Hino Trucks offers two Class 5 cabover-engine (COE) models, the diesel-powered 195 and the 195h, a diesel-electric hybrid. Both the 195 and 195h models are rated at 19,500-pound GVW, with an optional derate 17,500-pound GVW.

Both Class 5 COE trucks generate 210 hp and 440 lb.-ft. of torque from Hino’s 5L J05E Series engine, utilizing Aisin’s A465, 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Hino 195 COE models were designed specifically for the North American market. The COEs feature cab styling that includes wide-view pillars for enhanced visibility. The new styling also makes the all-steel cab very aerodynamic. In addition, a 30-gallon, center-mounted fuel tank is standard on all COE models and a 33-gallon, side-mounted fuel tank is optional.

Both the diesel and hybrid 195 COE can be upfitted with applications for the food and beverage distribution, telecommunications, parcel/document delivery, service vocations, landscaping, construction, and utility industries.

The 195 and 195h model names designate the trucks’ GVW and engine size of the truck. The first two digits in the model's name represent the GVW, while the third digit represents the liter displacement of the engine. The “h” indicates hybrid.

Hino Trucks is a Toyota Group company headquartered in Novi, Mich. In 2001, Toyota Motor Corp. acquired a majority ownership of Hino Motors, Ltd. Hino Trucks sells and services a lineup of Class 5-7 commercial trucks in the U.S. through a network of more than 200 dealers nationwide.

New Double Cab Model Debuts

In 2013, Hino Trucks debuted a double cab version of its Class 5 195 cab-over-engine (COE) trucks at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The double cab option is available on both the 195h diesel-electric hybrid as the 195h-DC, and the 195 diesel model as the 195-DC.

The 195 and 195h are now available as a standard two-door cab, or as an optional four-door double cab.

The COE 195 double cab has a wide range of vocational applications. The 195 double cab is “a perfect fit for a wide range of applications such as landscape, towing, moving, storage, and construction,” said Glenn Ellis, VP marketing and dealer operations for Hino Trucks. 

Both models feature an ergonomic, wide cab with a North American standard 33-inch frame rail width, a 56,900 psi frame, and a standard center mounted rear fuel tank. The cab’s styling emphasizes aerodynamics and visibility with an angled windshield, narrow pillars, and rounded-radius curves. Inside, the new cab uses its increased width to provide room for drivers up to 6 foot 6 inches tall. There is seating for three and a versatile mobile workspace with a variety of organizational storage options. The four-door, six-person double cab includes an optional magnetic suspension seat.

Hino also offers a no-charge, two-year or 60,000-mile preventive service care program for the 195 diesel model called HinoCare. All 2013-MY and 2014-MY 195 and 195 double cabs are eligible when delivery is taken between July 1, 2013 through March 31, 2014.

The engine and transmission are backed by a five-year, 175,000-mile warranty. Drivers are covered with three years of 24/7 roadside assistance through HinoWatch.

Hino 195h COE Diesel-Electric Hybrid

Since June 2013, the 195h diesel-electric hybrid model has been available at all Hino dealers in all states. The 195h was first launched in fall 2012 in California. The Hino 195h is ideal to run multiple short-distance loaded and unloaded duty cycles, such as pick-up and delivery applications where low average speed allows the hybrid system to develop large efficiency gains.

The Hino 195h uses a nickel-metal hydride battery, which has a projected life of eight to 10 years. Both the 195 diesel and 195h hybrid utilize a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission system with a 4.7-gallon diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank.

The Hino 195h features a “sixth-generation” diesel-electric hybrid drive. As a result, the 195h hybrid offers more efficient regeneration than previous generation hybrid models. Also, as a Toyota Group company, approximately 60 percent of the Hino 195h hybrid components are common to Toyota, which helps reduce manufacturing costs. Hino anticipates hybrid customers will receive an ROI in five years when driven in a duty cycle that maximizes the hybrid benefit.

New Smartphone App

Hino Trucks has also launched a new app for smartphones providing drivers with information on dealers, quick access to HinoWatch roadside assistance, updates on parts offers, and access to Hino social media on the web. Hino’s new smartphone app is designed to help drivers stay connected by providing easy access to information on models, dealers, and other information.

“Today’s drivers rely on mobile devices to stay connected,” Ellis said. “We developed this app with the driver in mind — to easily connect our customers to our ever-growing dealer network.” 

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