Mark Glaiber, former assistant director of the General Services  Administration (GSA) for Miami-Dade County, passed away July 29 in Smyrna, Ga. He was 64.

Among Glaiber's key accomplishments was being the creator of the innovative fleet replacement trust fund for government fleets. Glaiber was a long-time leader in championing this vehicle funding method.

"Mark was a brilliant innovator of new ideas and problem solving," said Doug Weichman, director, Fleet Management Division for Palm Beach County. Earlier in his career, Weichman worked for Glaiber. "Mark's career at Fleet Management is what he always said was most meaningful to him," said Weichman.

Glaiber graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1968. He started his career as a budget analyst for the City of Hartford before moving to Miami to become a budget analyst for Miami-Dade County Government. In 1972, Glaiber earned his Master's in Public Administration at Penn State.  He returned to Miami and served Miami-Dade County for the next 32 years, working in several departments. In his young twenties, Glaiber was promoted to assistant director of the Miami-Dade Solid Waste authority.  He later became director of the elections office.

Following this, he was named director of the GSA/Fleet Management division and ultimately became assistant director of GSA for the County. Glaiber retired June 30, 2004.