Theresa Belding

Forest Pharmaceuticals

Senior Manager - Fleet Services

 Total vehicles: 2,950

Staff supervised: 3

Years with current fleet: 18

Total years in industry: 18

Replacement policy: 36 months/75,000 miles

Memberships: AFLA (executive vice president), NAFA, Ford Fleet Advisory Board

Primary responsibilities: Oversees all aspects of U.S. and Puerto Rico-based fleet operations, including fleet management, fleet staff supervision, vendor relations, and fleet safety programs, including accident management, driver risk-level analysis, and safety training.

Notable achievements: In 2010, Belding reduced costs by more than $5 million by optimizing vehicle replacement cycles, reducing vehicle offerings, managing daily rental spend, and decreasing fuel consumption by transitioning more drivers into four-cylinder models. From a safety perspective, claims for 2010 were down 13 percent over 2009 and a total of 27 percent since 2007 when fleet launched a Web-based driver assessment and training tool. Belding is actively involved in the fleet industry, currently serving as executive vice president of AFLA, and celebrated her 10th year as a NAFA member in 2010. This is the fourth time she has been nominated for Professional Fleet Manager of the Year.


Donna Bibbo, CAFM

Novo Nordisk Inc.

Manager, Fleet & Travel

Total vehicles: 3,100 (U.S. and Canada)

Staff supervised: 2

Years with current fleet: 4.5

Total years in industry: 21

Replacement policy: 36 months/70,000 miles

Memberships/certifications: NAFA (chairperson of NAFA FleetEd Committee, chapter chair of NAFA's New Jersey Chapter, CAFM certified), AFLA (AFLA Education Committee co-chair, director on AFLA Board), CCTE (Certified Corporate Travel Executive)

Primary responsibilities: Handles all fleet duties including acquisition, maintenance management, disposal, vendor negotiations, fleet safety and insurance/accident-related issues, etc.; all travel management duties including vendor negotiations, contract management, problemsolving, etc.; all fleet/travel environmental initiatives; and manages, coaches, and shares knowledge with two fleet employees.

Notable achievements: In 2010, Bibbo took on a leading role in the company's CO2 global fleet pilot program to set global goals for entire Novo Nordisk fleet; recognized by Automotive Fleet as an Environmental Leadership Award recipient for second year in a row; managed field force expansion of 465 new drivers (18-percent increase); and negotiated new leasing contract that saves the company more than $500,000 per year.


Michael Bieger

Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP)

Senior Director Global Procurement

Total vehicles: 3,360 (1,750 U.S.; 60 Canada; 1,550 EU)

Staff supervised: 3

Years with current fleet: 5 years

Total years in industry: 14 years

Replacement policy: 30-40 months/75,000-95,000 miles (North America); 4 years/150,000 kilometers (Europe, varies by country)

Memberships: Current - NAFA Corporate Fleet Advisory Council, AFLA, GM Commercial Sounding Board. Past - GE Capital Fleet Services Client Advisory Board, GE Technology Client Advisory Board, Wheels Client Steering Council

Primary responsibilities: Responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of ADP's four distinct North American fleets, providing concise, accurate, and actionable financial reporting, cost data analysis (trending), and annual budget projection; providing goals and direction to representatives for all ADP European businesses as Corporate Global Procurement lead; and setting policy direction for ADP fleet.

Notable achievements: With lessor, Bieger created an integrated financial reporting solution, replacing an antiquated in-house process, which ties ADP's financial systems directly with Wheels' reducing processing time and increasing financial accuracy. Consolidated the number of lessors in the EU from 25 to five, implemented global CO2 standard, and introduced CO2 tax reduction plan for Europe.


Melissa Bushong

Marathon Oil Company

Corporate Fleet Coordinator

Total vehicles: 2,000+

Years with current fleet: 4

Years in fleet industry: 4

Staff supervised: 0

Replacement policy: 67 months/90,000 miles (cars, vans, and SUVs);

67 months/100,000 miles (trucks)

Memberships: NAFA, Wheels Client Steering Council

Primary responsibilities: Manages all aspects of the fleet, such as vehicle acquisition and disposal, policy and procedures, maintenance, accidents, vendor relations, and implementing new fleet programs.

Notable achievements: In 2010, Bushong implemented a managed maintenance and fuel program within Marathon's upstream organizations, compliance monitoring procedures, year-end driver tax reporting procedures, and improved vehicle standardization and ordering process. She also developed and implemented MVR and driver tax compliance programs.


Mike Butsch

Director of Global Fleet Operations

Joy Global

Total vehicles: 1,400 (Global)

Staff supervised: 2

Years with current fleet: 11

Total years in industry: 11

Replacement policy: Variable

Memberships: AFLA, NAFA

Primary responsibilities: Oversees and manages all global fleet operations, strategic fleet alliances with OEMs, and DOT compliance for each of the three Joy Global business units.

Notable achievements: Developed centralized policy to standardize all company vehicle activities; documented cost avoidance and savings of more than $22.3 million since 2000; right-sized fleet to boost fuel and operating cost savings and resale values with a projected lifecycle savings of $2.6 million on right-sized units; lowered accident rate from 20 percent in 2007 to 6 percent in 2010; implemented telematics/GPS technology across fleet resulting in more than $700,000 in savings; reduced fuel consumption 250,000 gallons (N.A.) for net savings of $600,000 and 2-percent reduction in total fleet emissions; and maximized supplier relationships, resulting in longer-term agreements and incentives. In addition, Butsch authored and published two articles in Work Truck magazine on DOT issues and compliance, which were among the 2009 "Top 10 Most Viewed" stories online.


Oleg Cytowicz


Senior Analyst, Corporate Fleet Management

Total vehicles: 900

Staff supervised: 0

Years with current fleet: 21

Total years in industry: 21

Replacement policy: 3 years/65,000 miles (or depending on market conditions)

Memberships: NAFA (New York Chapter chair, Branding Oversight Committee member, and I&E Curriculum Committee member); GE Capital Fleet Services Client Advisory Board

Primary responsibilities: Solely responsible for managing supplier relationships and ongoing effective execution of the fleet programs for N.A., including vehicle acquisition and disposal, vehicle maintenance, repairs, and fuel management. Cytowicz is an active member of Unilever's Safety, Health, and Environmental Team and was instrumental in developing a driver safety program, which monitors driver education, policy compliance, and environmental standards, including carbon reductions.

Notable achievements: Created one of the first online vehicle selectors, which provided Unilever fleet drivers the opportunity to view photographs and vehicle specifications before placing vehicle orders; recipient of the 2005 Larry Goill Award for the development of an electronic policy and procedures manual.[PAGEBREAK]


John Dmochowsky, CAFM

Kraft Foods Inc.

Sales Fleet Manager

Total vehicles: 4,800

Staff supervised: 1

Years with current fleet: 10

Total years in industry: 10

Replacement policy: 3 years/60,000 miles

Memberships/certifications: NAFA (NAFA Chicago Chapter chair, I&E Curriculum Committee, Education Development Committee, FMS Training Instructor, CAFM certified); AFLA (Conference Committee); Ford Fleet Advisory Board; GE Capital Fleet Services Client Advisory Board; Chrysler Client Advisory Board (past member); LeasePlan Future Directions Client Advisory Board (past member)

Primary responsibilities: Responsible for overall management of Kraft Foods' sales fleet program for the U.S., including fleet policy administration, strategic partners relationship management, budgeting, vehicle acquisition and disposal, driver safety, auditing, reducing GHG emissions and carbon footprint, and fuel and repair maintenance cost-saving initiatives.

Notable achievements: Consolidated and revitalized fleet services of Nabisco and Cadbury (4,200 total cars) into the larger Kraft Foods fleet and one management company. Replaced 90 percent of fleet from six- to four-cylinder vehicles, lowering fuel use by 6.5 percent.


Erin Gilchrist

Safelite Autoglass

Fleet Manager

Total vehicles: 6,000

Staff supervised: 4

Years with current fleet: 4

Total years in industry: 4

Replacement policy: Varies

Memberships: NAFA (Tri-State Chapter)

Primary responsibilities: Manages fleet program for 6,000 vehicles nationwide with a budget responsibility of more than $65 million annually. Areas of responsibility include vehicle selection and acquisition and oversight of fleet programs including vehicle leasing, fuel, maintenance, auto licensing and tax, DOT compliance, and tolls.

Notable achievements: Key contributions include improvement in internal and external customer service through reworking all of Safelite's fleet programs and processes; right-sizing the fleet, increased fleet fuel efficiency through vehicle selection, reporting, and communication; implemented numerous programs with various fleet management companies to reduce cost and vehicle downtime, and improved compliance to DOT regulations and overall service to the Safelite fleet customer base.


Jeffrey Hurrell, CAFM

Hewlett-Packard Company               

North American Fleet Program Manager

Total vehicles: 8,400

Staff supervised: 3

Years with current fleet: 3.5 years

Total years in industry: 12.5 years

Replacement policy: Varies by region - most vehicles at 1-2 years, remainder at 48 months/100,000 miles

Memberships/certifications: NAFA (Secretary, Pacific Southwest Chapter, CAFM certified)

Primary responsibilities: Fleet responsibilities include the North American Region (U.S. and Canada) with additional internal consulting responsibilities across Latin America. Hurrell is responsible for the strategic development of the fleet program, including fleet policy administration, vendor relationship management, fleet finance, driver safety, risk management, auditing, and asset management.

Notable achievements: Prior to joining HP, Hurrell was employed in the automotive industry for more than 10 years in controllership/CFO and operations management of an independent car rental and fleet leasing organization. While at HP, fleet and finance experience has been leveraged to lead the HP fleet program transformation, delivering cost reductions across in North America in excess of 30 percent while improving fleet program effectiveness.


Kim Jamme


U.S. Fleet Manager

Total vehicles: 5,500+

Staff supervised: 3

Years with current fleet: 5

Total years in industry: 15

Replacement policy: 75,000 miles

Memberships: NAFA (Vice Chair, Philadelphia Chapter)

Primary responsibilities: Oversees U.S. fleet of a global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company of more than 5,500 vehicles.

Notable achievements: Since 2005, Jamme, together with her lean team of two fleet analysts and one safety analyst, has effectively managed a 5,500-plus vehicle fleet. Taking a forward-thinking approach, Jamme has implemented strategies that reflect innovation, cost containment, and adhere to a high standard of safety. She removed vehicles that did not meet the company's environmental targets and rewarded drivers with offerings to permit them to upgrade with no-charge options in recognition of their eco-selections, as well as diesel and hybrid options. Jamme has broadened her professional growth with the recent inclusion of the company's safety program.


Scott Lauer

Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corp.

North American Fleet Manager

Total vehicles: 9,100

Staff supervised: 4

Years with current fleet: 3.5 years

Total years in industry: 3.5 years

Replacement policy: 36 months/65,000 miles (cars)

Memberships: NAFA (Treasurer, Philadelphia Chapter)

Primary responsibilities: Provides operational leadership and management of Merck's U.S., Canadian, and Puerto Rican fleet services. Responsibilities include fleet safety, purchases, leases, and contract oversight for all aspects of vehicle program management, as well as administration of fleet policy. Implements a total cost of ownership model to reduce expenses, improve fuel economy, and ensure sustainability.

Notable achievements: Successfully managed integration of Schering-Plough and Merck fleets. Documented savings of $7.5 million in 2009 and $14.3 million in 2010 related to a rigorous application of the TCO model. Implemented a comprehensive safety program resulting in a significant reduction in accidents and zero driver fatalities during his tenure.


Dick Malcom

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.

Fleet Administrator

Total vehicles: 12,989   

Staff supervised: 0

Years with current fleet: 10 

Total years in industry: 28

Replacement policy: 75,000 miles (cars and minivans); 100,000 miles (trucks and full-size vans)

Memberships/certifications: AFLA (past board member and current member of commercial advisory group), National Vehicle Leasing Association Certified Vehicle Leasing Executive (CVLE), GM Commercial Sounding Board

Primary responsibilities: Advises 13 State Farm zone regional offices on best methods of fleet management and zone results; monitors adherence and updates internal fleet policy; creates vehicle selector list; negotiates manufacturer incentive programs; determines lease vs. purchase; communicates with upper management regarding fleet trends and internal results.

Notable achievements: Two-time recipient of AF's Fleet Environmental Leadership Award; recipient of internal diversity spend award; centralized vehicle purchasing; implemented State Farm Bank Visa Fleet Card and Employee Purchase Program (now exceeding 50 percent); assembled group responsible for ergonomically correct mobile office (G-van and Transit); introduced "domestically assembled foreign vehicles" into fleet; and helped downsize fleet from 22,000 vehicles to 12,989.[PAGEBREAK]


Lee Miller

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Manager, Fleet Services

Total vehicles: 3,300     

Staff supervised: 2

Years with current fleet: 31 

Total years in industry: 31

Replacement policy: 3 years/75,000 miles

Memberships: AFLA (secretary), NAFA, Wheels Client Steering Council, Fleet Response Advisory Board

Primary responsibilities: Oversees management and administration of leased vehicles for all U.S. and Puerto Rico operating units with capitalization exceeding $66 million; partners and negotiates contracts, pricing, and SLAs with vehicle manufacturers, FMCs, and vendor partners; manages executive fleet program; determines financial impact on corporation and implement cost savings/avoidance when appropriate.

Notable achievements: Achieved savings in excess of $4 million over the past four years and created an industry-first fleet selector video for all sales force drivers; contributed in documenting nearly $1 million in cost savings by focusing on asset management.


Suzen Moye, CAFM


Head, Fleet and Travel U.S.

Total vehicles: 5,000      

Staff supervised: 0

Years with current fleet: 4 

Total years in industry: 25

Replacement policy: 36 months/60,000 miles

Memberships/certifications: AFLA, NAFA (past national board member; Eastern Region Trustee; N.J. chapter chair and secretary, CAFM certified), PHH Arval and GE Capital Fleet Services Client Advisory Boards

Primary responsibilities: As team lead for N.A. Fleet Management, Moye manages fleet lifecycle in multi-supplier environment; establishes and communicates fleet policies and procedures; serves as subject matter expert for issue resolution; and maintains in-depth knowledge of fleet industry to promote operational effectiveness.

Notable achievements: Led N.A. team in development of single N.A. fleet policy and RFPs (manufacturers and FMCs); achieved a 28-percent per vehicle cost reduction ($25.9 million savings over three years) while maintaining a 96-percent customer satisfaction rating; and led design, development, and implementation of a Fleet Data Mart to consolidate data, increase operational effectiveness, and reduce operating expenses. This is Moye's second year nominated for Professional Fleet Manager of the Year.


Jason Pucely

Best Buy Stores, L.P.

Senior Manager of Logistics & Transportation

Total vehicles: 5,216      

Staff supervised: 6

Years with current fleet: 5 

Total years in industry: 5

Replacement policy: 60 months/95,000 miles (vans/trucks), 48 months/65,000 miles (GeekMobiles)

Memberships: NAFA, Wheels Client Steering Council, Ford Fleet Advisory Board

Primary responsibilities: Oversees fleet & DOT operations, manages and enforces driver policy, and plans and executes all fleet initiatives.

Notable achievements: Fleet has realized a 19-percent decrease in cost per vehicle month and a 15-percent reduction in carbon emissions since 2009. Reduced accident rate 8 percent in 2011 fiscal year by implementing fleet-wide MVR and safety training programs. Quantified optimal lifecycle and protocols for vehicle branding, participated in annual vehicle reviews and analytics to understand the "right vehicle for each job," established vehicle retirement policy and retirement planning, and managed major ancillary Best Buy fleets. Participant in numerous pilot programs, including pilots for emerging telematics technology and for EVs.


Charlie Szymanski

PPG Industries, Inc.

Manager, Global Insurance & Fleet Services

Total vehicles: 2,460 (U.S./Canada), 4,200 (ROW)

Staff supervised: 1 direct associate

Years with current fleet: 10   

Total years in industry: 10

Replacement policy: 95,000 miles for Sales & Technical fleet

Memberships: NAFA, GE Capital Fleet Services Client Advisory Board, Donlen Client Advisory Board

Primary responsibilities: Directs PPG's global automotive fleet through policy development and strategic planning for vehicle selection, acquisition, financing, operation, and remarketing. Coordinates strategic and tactical operations with outsourced service providers. Manages PPG's global property and casualty insurance programs. Develops risk management strategy, methods, statistical analysis, insurance competitions, and management of PPG's captive insurance company.

Notable achievements: Reduced 2010 fleet expenses by $2.7 million through projects such as buying less expensive and more fuel-efficient vehicles, negotiating contracts, replacing vehicles at more opportune times, optimizing selling prices, and meticulous attention to detail transactions for fuel, maintenance, accidents, surplus vehicles, and rental units.


Gage Wagoner

Philips Electronics NA

Senior Manager, North American Fleet Management

Total vehicles: 5,000       

Staff supervised: 2

Years with current fleet: 10  

Total years in industry: 13

Replacement policy: 3 years (closed-end lease)

Memberships: NAFA, LeasePlan Future Directions
Client Advisory Board, Chrysler Client Advisory Board

Primary responsibilities: Responsible for strategic administration of Philips' fleet in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico and is part of the company's global fleet purchasing team.

Notable achievements: Centralized company's U.S. fleet management; launched internal N.A. fleet Web resource for drivers; created annual personal use certification process; shortened fleet's open-end leased vehicle cycle and replaced with closed-end leased vehicles, resulting in $3 million in sales revenue; implemented single strategy for executive level vehicle approval and limited selector to one offering in each vehicle category; and oversaw conversion of two business units from reimbursement to fleet program with projected annual savings of more than $600,000.