The first vehicle in what Volvo calls part of a "new generation of contemporary crossover vehicles," the Volvo XC60 includes an available 3.0L, six-cylinder turbo engine delivering 281 hp. The available 6-speed Geartronic automatic transmission can be used as a manual gearbox, adding to the "fun to drive element" for the fleet executive, according to Volvo.

Technology Aids Distracted Drivers

The 2010 Volvo XC60 comes with City Safety, a technology that can help distracted drivers avoid or mitigate low-speed collisions. By measuring the car's speed and distance to the vehicle ahead, City Safety calculates the braking force needed when approaching another vehicle. Situations in which the required braking force reaches a certain level and the driver has not reacted - and a collision is imminent - the City Safety function applies the breaks.

City Safety functions at speeds below 19 mph. In situations in which the difference in speed between two vehicles is 9 mph or less, a collision can be avoided completely, according to Volvo. When the difference in speed between the vehicles is between 10-18 mph, City Safety reduces the impact of the collision. To see City Safety in action, view the Volvo Car News channel on

Trailer Stability Assist is intended to stabilize a car as it tows a trailer. The system detects trailer "snaking," a phenomenon, according to Volvo, that may occur at certain speeds depending on the mass of the trailer and how it is loaded. If Trailer Stability Assist senses "snaking," it brakes the car's individual wheels to counteract the oscillation.

Features Enable Ease of Use

A panoramic roof in the XC60 replaces the traditional sunroof. Divided into two sections, the roof glass is tinted and laminated for driver comfort and security.

A lockable load floor covers two storage areas, one capable of holding wet items. The load cover extends over the entire loading area, and the rear door prevents opening the floor hatch when the car is closed and locked.

An optional power tailgate can be opened automatically in three ways - remote control, a button in the light panel, or the tailgate handle.
Integrated roof rails - available in two versions, Charcoal (standard) or Silk-Metal - are built into the car at the factory.

Choice of Inline Six-Cylinder Engines Offered

Volvo now offers two six-cylinder engines. The 3.2L, 235 hp engine delivers class-leading fuel economy, while the 281 hp delivers 295 ft.-lb. of torque at 1,500 rpm, just above engine idle.  Both engines are available in the Volvo S80, XC60, and Volvo XC70. 

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