Look Out the Window When Using GPS

A fleet driver called one of his sales staff when having difficulty locating his destination using the in-vehicle GPS unit.

"I feel like I've been driving in circles for an hour!" the driver lamented to the salesperson.

Looking up the driver's destination via an online map program, the salesperson noticed the location, a large hotel in New York City, took up an entire city block.

The driver was paying such close attention to the GPS instructions, he kept driving past the hotel entrance. Each time the vehicle passed the entrance, the navigation unit directed him to the next entrance around the corner. This process repeated until the driver finally called the salesperson, who informed the driver he had been at his destination the entire time.

Car Navigator Lands Motorists in River

A German couple, out for a late-evening Christmas drive, ended up with a cold river bath, apparently because their luxury car's navigation system failed to indicate they must wait for a ferry at the edge of a river on their route. The driver kept travelling straight on the road, expecting a bridge.

However, the ferry information was never stored in the navigation system, and the couple landed in the drink.

The 57-year old driver and his passenger were drenched, but not injured, according to police reports.