Troublesome Fuel Card

Many years ago, a fleet manager for a major communications company received a call from a driver who needed a new fuel card because his old one "just quit working."  The fleet manager made arrangements for a replacement card.

The manager received another call from the same driver a few weeks later, stating his new card no longer worked. The driver assured the fleet manager nothing out of the ordinary was happening and the card was kept in the truck until needed.

Once more, a replacement card was ordered. A short while later, the driver called again with the same issue. This continued for almost a year, while the fleet manager tried to identify the problem.

Finally, an extensive investigation discovered the windshield wiper motor was located next to the glove box in the driver's truck. Apparently, when the driver put the card in the box, it was next to the motor. Every time he turned the wipers on, the magnetic field from the motor erased the card. The longer the driver went without using the wipers, the longer his card worked.

Parked Moose?

One driver called her fleet manager to report she had damage on the hood of her vehicle. She said, "I know this sounds strange, but a moose has been hanging around my house and has become very friendly with my family."

One freezing cold winter day, the driver parked her vehicle as usual outside her house. The still-warm engine enticed the moose, who sat on the hood to warm himself.

The driver said it was hilarious to see the moose perched on her vehicle and  she just didn't have the heart to chase it away.