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Theresa Belding
Senior Manager – Fleet Services,
Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Total vehicles: 2,900
Staff supervised: 3
Years with current fleet: 16
Total years in fleet industry: 16
Replacement policy: 36 months/75K miles

Belding’s team is responsible for fleet administration and safety. Over a 10-year span she has turned a 250-vehicle closed-end leased, fully-insured fleet into a 2,900-vehicle, open-end leased, self-insured fleet. Cost reductions in fleet expenses have continued since a 2007 RFP consolidated the fleet with one fleet management company. MY-2008 offerings included more four-cylinder vehicles due to a focus on fuel consumption. Despite year-over-year mileage increases, her safety group continues to see accident reductions per million miles. Belding’s team continues efforts to provide the most fuel-efficient vehicles to meet business needs, increase driver safety, and ensure fleet uses industry best practices.

Christy Coyte
Global Fleet Manager,
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Total vehicles: 14,500+ globally
Staff supervised:  3 direct reports
Years with current fleet: 14
Total years in fleet industry: 14
Replacement policy: 72 months/150K miles (service vehicles); up to 44 months/50K miles (management cars – U.S. and Canada)

As global fleet manager for Johnson Controls, Inc., an automotive systems and facility management control company, Coyte oversees fleet operations in more than 20 countries, managing more than 14,000 vehicles. In this role, she oversees the strategic direction, coordination, and implementation and management of fleet activities throughout North and South America, Mexico, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.
Before joining fleet 14 years ago, Coyte began her career with Johnson Controls in 1978, holding various positions in audit, legal, and human resources. She has been a NAFA member since 1994, currently serving as Michigan chapter secretary. Coyte also serves on the LeasePlan’s Future Directions (U.S.) and Global Advisory boards.

Michael Sims
Fleet Operations Manager, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Total vehicles: 12,500
Staff supervised: 2 direct reports, 8 indirect reports,16 additional co-staff
Years with current fleet: 25
Total years in industry: 35
Replacement Policy: 4 years/75K miles (trucks); 3 years/ 55K miles sedans)

Sims’ responsibilities include vehicle acquisition and specification, manufacturer agreements, ordering, invoicing and rebates, Web-based global and budget assistance, business development, qualifying miles, supervising vehicle service center and motor pool employees, and maintaining employee Internet purchasing programs. He improved the lifecycle cost tool to ensure proper vehicle selection and implemented a Web-based automated motor pool reservation system, saving time and money. Sims has served as Ford Fleet Sounding Board chairman, GM domestic Fleet Sounding Board chairman and global GM Fleet Sounding Board member, and AFLA Sounding Board member. He and his team are working on major projects focusing on GPS-based driver accountability, establishing a global fleet system, and improving global business processes and purchasing.