Chrysler employs a twofold safety approach: passive safety features, such as supplemental airbags, enhanced security for the driver and vehicle, and active safety features, including Electronic Stability Program (ESP), traction control, and brake assist.

Passive Safety
Supplemental side airbags are standard to enhance protection of the driver and front and rear passengers. In Chrysler vehicles, each side airbag has its own impact sensor to autonomously trigger the airbag on the side the impact occurs.

Standard on most Chrysler vehicles are advanced multistage front airbags that inflate with a force appropriate to the severity of impact and use either an occupant classification system (OCS) or a low-risk deployment airbag for the front passenger. The OCS measures the conditions for activation or deactivation of the front passenger-side airbag based upon the weight of the occupant. The low-risk deployment airbags use a unique shape, venting, folding patterns, and advanced inflators.

Chrysler vehicles offer another type of airbag, an inflatable knee blocker that deploys whenever the primary driver’s airbags deploys, helping position the driver relative to the primary airbag.

Keys Can Protect and Serve Purpose
For vehicle anti-theft and safety, Chrysler offers the Sentry Key engine immobilizer, which provides vehicle-theft protection. It utilizes an engine key that has an embedded transponder preprogrammed with a security code to discourage vehicle theft. When the key is inserted into the ignition, the controller sends a random number to the transponder and the engine is allowed to start. If an incorrect key is used, the engine will shut off after only a few seconds.

Also standard on all vehicles is remote keyless entry, which locks and unlocks doors, and turns on interior lamps. If the vehicle is equipped with a vehicletheft security alarm, the remote also arms and disarms the system.

Buckle Up The Belts
BeltAlert is standard on all vehicles. This system periodically activates a chime and illuminates an icon in the instrument cluster to help remind drivers to buckle up if a vehicle is driven without the driver properly belted. To restrain passengers, constant force retractors distribute force or load exerted on a seat belt and then gradually release the seatbelt webbing in a controlled manner.

Active Safety Features
All Chrysler vehicles offer an anti-lock brake system (ABS) that senses and prevents wheel lockup. ESP enhances driver control and helps maintain stability when braking under all weather conditions.

An enhanced accident response system turns on the interior lighting and unlocks the door after an airbag has deployed. This system is helpful, enabling emergency personnel to spot a crashed vehicle.