OnStar, the advanced telematics system that keeps drivers safe and headed in the right direction, also can help fleets cut operating expenses and fuel costs. The OnStar system and service is included during first year of ownership on new GM OnStar-equipped vehicles. For the 2008 model-year, OnStar is standard on more than 50 GM models.

How Fleets Can Utilize OnStar
OnStar Fleet Marketing Manager Steve Jozwick highlights available services. “OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics offers fleets an opportunity to save on maintenance and fuel,” he noted. This service provides a review of the vehicle’s five main systems: engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, emissions, and air bag. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics is a “no charge” driver opt-in service that automatically e-mails an update to drivers each month. A proactive step for drivers to ensure systems are a go, OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics can also eliminate unnecessary trips for service, diagnostic checks, and premature maintenance.

With OnStar’s Business Vehicle Manager service, a monthly report is sent to the fleet manager and/or fleet management company with detailed information such as the vehicle report date, current and prior month odometer readings, remaining oil life, and open recalls. There is no charge for the program when fleets order multiple years of OnStar service. According to Jozwick, the service helps fleets efficiently rotate vehicles in and out of service and manage maintenance costs.

On most 2007 models and newer, part of OnStar’s Directions and Connections Plan, Turn by Turn Navigation offers drivers 24/7 direction assistance, downloaded to the vehicle and heard audibly through the vehicle’s radio speakers. If a driver misses a turn, the route is recalculated. While helping drivers reach appointments on time, OnStar also provides fueling station locations, including E-85 sites. To learn more about OnStar fleet services, call (313) 667-0902.