Ewals Cargo Care recently implemented Chevin Fleet Solution’s FleetWave in its fleet to centralize processes and integrate a burgeoning quantity of fleet data, according to Fleet Europe.

Ewals Cargo Care, a Netherland based company that transports and delivers goods, now manages several functions via FleetWave, including: assets, contracts, customer relationships, supplier side relationships, SMR, financial administration, reporting, fines settlement and internal communication, according to Fleet Europe. It manages a fleet of over 4,500 trailers and 550 trucks, in 17 countries including Belgium, Germany and the U.K.

Ewals’ fleet control department department is comprised of commercial engineer, operational supervisor, financial and IT engineer, team leader, repairs planner, supervisor administrator, claims controller and administration. The team, which manages the large-scale and highly complex fleet operations daily, prior to the transaction to FleetWave, were being constrained by out-of-date technology with little support from the software vendor.

For example, the fleet wasn’t possible to link damage reporting with service assignment and the software didn’t support claims.

Damage registration and settlement is now also integrated, which has helped streamline the repair process, according to Fleet Europe. The team has been able to customize modules within FleetWave to meet company-specific fleet and asset management needs.

Ewals Cargo Care now has high-level visibility of its entire fleet operation. The control team can access and use the same system from all workshops and work more efficiently as a result. The need for email and phone communication has been eliminated so team members can work in a more unified, efficient and speedy manner.