Photo courtesy of Nissan.

Photo courtesy of Nissan.

Nissan revealed a six-passenger, three-row concept SUV that features an advanced graphic user interface and autonomous driving technologies.

The Xmotion concept, compact SUV will include Nissan’s new generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, according to the automaker. It will feature displays and an infotainment system the can be controlled by voice commands, gestures, and eye movements.

The interior includes a total of seven digital screen portions, according to Nissan. Three main displays and left and right end displays span the width of the instrument panel. The Xmotion concept allows for the creation of a "4+2" passenger layout, and features three rows of side-by-side individual seats.

Nissan said the concept SUV fuses Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship with American-style utility, the automaker said in a release.