Groupe Renault is partnering with Brilliance China Automotive to manufacture and sell light commercial vehicles, and will operate under the name Renault-Brilliance-Jinbei Automotive Co. Ltd.

Renault-Brilliance-Jinbei Automotive Co. Ltd. manufacturing operations will focus on producing multi-purpose vehicles, medium vans, and heavy vans, with a goal to sell 150,000 units annually by 2022 and electrify powertrains, capitalizing on China's growing light commercial vehicle market market of up to 3 million units sold annually, according to a release from Renault.

The manufacturing plant will be loated in the Dadong District of Shenyang, Renault said in a release.

Demand for electric vehicles is on the rise in China as higher safety, emissions, and energy efficiency standards are set.

Renault purchased a 49% equity interest in Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Autmobile Co. Ltd. (SBJ) as part of the formation of the joint venture.

Thierry Aubry has been named CEO of Renault-Brilliance-Jinbei Automotive Co. Ltd.