Chevin recapped its growth in 2017, which was highlighted by a number of awards that were bestowed to the company, which included the honor "Best Fleet Software Provider 2017."

Corp America acknowledged Chevin as the best fleet software provider for 2017, the company said in a release. Meanwhile, other honors included a business of the year award; an excellence in international trade award; the Best Fleet Management System award from BusinessCar Technology Awards; and  the Innovation in Risk Management Award from Fleet Honours 2017.

“The past 12-months has represented a number of things for Chevin, including 47% business growth across North America, and we now support 380+ clients with 1,000,000+ vehicles globally, which has added fuel to the fire as we move into the New Year,” said Ron Katz, senior vice president for North American Sales at Chevin.

Other company highlights in 2017 include a new partnership with the NJPA, a number of product enhancements, from FleetWave’s new ‘Event Engine’ tool to its ‘Standard API’ function and upgraded ‘User Interface Experience’; global team expansion, including a new company Director; its biggest User Group meeting yet; and numerous new clients across a number of sectors.

“In September, we celebrated our 27th year, and as we enter the next, we will continue to invest in both the Chevin team and our FleetWave product – at the same time expanding into new horizons and launching truly unique, trend-setting software.