Photo of 2017-MY half-ton pickups courtey of manufacturers.

Photo of 2017-MY half-ton pickups courtey of manufacturers.

Sales of vehicles to commercial fleets from nine manufactures increased 6.3% to 51,569 in November as total car sales made a strong monthly return with a 27% increase, but was still more than 35% lower than what was reported last year, according to Automotive Fleet data.

During the month, sales of cars decreased 36.8% to 5,800 compared to November of 2016. Meanwhile, sales of pickups, vans, and SUVs remained steady compared to last month but showed a continued year-over-year increase; sales increased 16.4% to 45,769 compared to last year

For the year to date, sales to commercial fleets have increased 2.1% to 620,451. Truck-based sales have increased 6.2% to 544,183, and car sales have dropped 19.7% to 76,268.

Sales to government fleets from five manufacturers dropped 5.5% to 19,491 for the month with truck sales decreasing 3.8% to 16,553 and car sales falling 14% to 2,938. For the year, government sales fell 7.0% to 241,962 with car sales down 4.3% to 45,224 units and truck-based sales down 7.5% to 196,738.

Daily rental sales from the nine manufacturers fell 3.9% to 115,091 units with a 14.6% decrease in car sales to 52,445 units and a 7.4% increase in truck-based sales to 62,646 units. Year-to-date sales have fallen 12.9% to 1.46 million vehicles with a 17.6% decline in car sales to 697,356 and a 8.2% decline in truck-based sales to 769,620 units.

For all three segments, fleet sales in November dipped 1.4% versus last year to 186,151 units with a 17.3% decrease to 61,183 units in car sales and a 8.8% increase to 124,968 units in truck-based sales.

Year to date, the three fleet segments have fallen 8.5% to 2.39 million with a 16.6% decline in car sales to 818,848 and a 3.3% decline in truck sales to 1.51 million.