Photo of the Baojun E100 courtesy of GM.

Photo of the Baojun E100 courtesy of GM.

General Motors China said it will meet production quotas for new energy vehicles (NEVs) designed to meet government mandated green car sales targets aimed at reducing pollution.

China unveiled NEV requirements for automakers in September. Automakers will need to amass credits for NEVs equivalent to 10% of annual sales by 2019. That level would rise to 12% for 2020, Reuters reported.

General Motors China builds and sells vehicles through its joint ventures that will look to meet the quota, which include SAIC GM and SAIC-GM-Wuling, with its major Chinese partners SAIC Motor and Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, reported the South China Morning Post.

GM China chief Matt Tsien said the company is working to at least meet the mandate requirements, and will look to meet the requirements without purchasing other NEV credits from other automakers, according to Reuters. Tsien said GM is off to a good start with production of a battery-electric car called the Baojun E100 that was launched under the SAIC-GM-Guangxi joint venture in July.

Other automakers operating in China, including Ford, have made the push to produce more electric vehicles to help meet this goal.