Photo: JAC Motors

Photo: JAC Motors

China’s JAC Motors recently launched its JAC Electric Trucks operation at a trade show in Macau, the autonomous region that was Portuguese territory until 1999. According to Macau Auto Show organizers, the development of such “new energy vehicles” is being supported by Chinese government policy.

For its part, JAC said that based on mileage requirements, it will provide EV and EREV (extended-range electric vehicle) solutions. The manufacturer plans to offer several electric-truck platforms to address left- and right-hand drive markets as well as a range of weight capacities.

JAC Electric Trucks noted that each platform will “realize flexible extension of different weights and wheelbases on the same vehicle frame.”

Parent firm JAC Motors produces vehicles ranging from sedans to heavy on-highway trucks. The OEM supplies the China market and exports vehicles overseas; reportedly it has recorded sales in over 100 countries since 1990.

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