Photo courtesy of Geotab.

Photo courtesy of Geotab.

Geotab has added three solutions geared to heavy-duty fleets to the Marketplace app platform, including Descartes MacroPoint, Welltrax by Vertrax, and HighJump Prophesy Dispatch TMS.

Descartes MacroPoint’s Global Visibility Platform allows shippers, third-party logistic companies (3PLs) and brokers to view, analyze, predict and report freight activity in real-time.

Connecting to the carrier's Geotab GO device, Descartes MacroPoint enables location monitoring and tracking, delivery monitoring, event notification and exception management and predictive analysis capabilities. Descartes MacroPoint’s cloud-based solution remotely connects to the GO device to predict disruptions, increase pickup and delivery reliability, reduce detention fees and optimize resources.

Welltrax by Vertrax is a transportation management solution (TMS) for the bulk transportation of commodities such as crude oil, gravel, sand, grains, wastewater and other wet and dry bulk goods.

Welltrax helps fleets drive increased efficiencies through customized pick-up and drop-off forms and real-time load management and asset tracking. With Welltrax by Vertrax, bulk transportation fleets can optimize the entire load management process from building and dispatching loads to monitoring a driver’s progress and through to the completion of their assigned loads, according to Geotab.

Prophesy Dispatch TMS is a dispatch and accounting system available to truckload carriers, brokers and private fleets. Integrated with QuickBooks, Prophesy aligns dispatch and accounting departments while handling freight brokering needs in real-time.

This includes simultaneously quoting rates, booking loads, paying invoices and creating detailed financial reports. Standard functionality consists of commercial mileage and routing, IFTA fuel tax reporting, driver management and vehicle maintenance. Prophesy provides Hours of Service (HOS) integration, check calls and rolling ETAs for drivers, along with alerting dispatch to potential customer service issues.

Geotab now offers more than 150 solutions on its Marketplace.