Anytrek Corp. has begun offering a GPS-based telematics product with a 3G cellular phone modem in the hybrid dash cam that delivers location updates to secure back-end servers supported by smartphone applications, the Los Angeles-based company announced.

The hybrid dash cam offers power on recording, and video storage on the supplied 8GB SD card that can be upgraded to 32GB for up to eight hours of video storage. A three-axis shock sensor will lock the footage if the sensor is triggered. The replay software, which is provided free with the device, displays the video footage, a corresponding map showing the moving location of the device, the speed and direction as well as the status of the shock sensor.

The GPS tracker components are housed within the dash cam's body and include a standby battery that continues to report the location of the vehicle once the ignition has been turned off.

The hybrid dash cam uses the 3G modem to transmit its location every 60 seconds. The location is displayed on the portal, as well as the smartphone apps on a map as a series of points that display the address, speed, and direction of the vehicle.

The portal and smartphone apps provide the ability to not only see the details of the current trip, but previous trips are stored on the server and can be replayed at any time. There is no limit, and no fee, on how many trips can be stored, or for how long.

The portal also provides other benefits, including the ability to provide customers with a restricted view of the progress of the vehicle delivering their load. A vehicle maintenance module assists in tracking when services and tires are due and displays a flashing icon against the particular vehicle when an action is due.

The hybrid dash cam is simple to install using a suction cup to mount it on the windscreen and can either plug into a power outlet, or via the optional (no charge) hard-wiring cable assembly.

Anytrek provides a lifetime warranty on the dash cam.