Photo of VR training courtesy of UPS.

Photo of VR training courtesy of UPS.

UPS has opened a UPS Integrad driver training facility in Lake Mary, Florida, to provide realistic training using virtual reality simulators and a replica of a small town known as Clarkville USA, the company announced.

The UPS Integrad facility is the ninth of its kind. UPS began opening UPS Integrad facilities in 2007. The initial site was in Landover, Maryland.

The Clarkville USA training area in Lake Mary will include small houses, street signs, and a dog bowl to alert drivers about the presence of a dog. The town provides "realism in a controlled environment," according to UPS.

Other UPS Integrad facilities operate in West Boylston, Massachusetts; Atlanta; McKinney, Texas; Menlo Park, California; suburban Chicago; Phoenix; and Portland, Ore. UPS also has locations in Cologne, Germany and Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom.