Photo: Lytx

Photo: Lytx

Coca-Cola Consolidated conducted a trial with Lytx's DriveCam video safety program, reducing collision frequency by 27% and reducing the severity of unsafe driving behaviors by 25%.

Coca-Cola Consolidated implemented the program at three company locations, involving 200 drivers and 115 vehicle assets, out of the company's 3,300 delivery vehicles. The company tested the program on tractor/trailer combos with side-bay delivery and cool-lift refrigerated trailers. The DriveCam trial revealed challenges with late response, distracted driving, and adequate following distance.

Following the program, Coca-Cola Consolidated decided to roll out the DriveCam program to 28 locations over the course of six months.

Along with pinpointing issues with driving behavior, the DriveCam program allows Coca-Cola Consolidated to identify and reward exceptional drivers for good performance.

Coca-Cola Consolidate's 3,300-vehicle fleet consists of about 75% tractors and 25% side-bay delivery trucks.