Photo of the ZOE courtesy of Renault.

Photo of the ZOE courtesy of Renault.

Renault Australia will import two pure electric models to the country that will be sold directly to businesses and governmental organizations.

The battery-electric Zoe subcompact car and Kangoo ZE Maxi van will be available for Australian buyers within the next few months, according to Motoring. Pricing for the Zoe starts at $42,470, while the Kangoo ZE is expected to start at $45,990.

The Zoe was recently given its first major upgrade, which included the installation of a new battery pack that increased its driving range between recharges to around 186 miles in real world conditions, according to the Motor Report. Zoe is powered by an electric motor that produces approximately 91 hp and 165 ft.-lb  of torque.

Meanwhile, the Kangoo ZE boasts an equivalent to 124 miles in real-world summer-climate driving, according to the Motor Report.

Renault’s decision to offer EVs in the country follows a trial by the Australia Post, which has have been using Kangoo ZEs for post delivery, according to Motoring.