<p><em>Image courtesy of Continental.</em></p>

VIDEO: Continental’s Automated Valet Parking

Automotive supplier Continental has developed a fully automated valet parking function and recently demonstrated the system at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

A driver can leave a car at a transfer point in front of a parking garage and activate Valet Parking. The vehicle then drives into the parking garage, finds an available space and parks itself. Later, when the driver uses a phone app to summon the car, it returns to the transfer point automatically.

“With Valet Parking, we are presenting a driverless function, which relieves drivers from a tedious procedure,” said Alfred Eckert, head of advanced technology in Continental’s Chassis and Safety Division. “The Valet Parking function provides drivers with a real plus in terms of convenience and time. It is also a concrete step towards modern mobility based on fully automated driving.”

And it takes human error out of the parking process — a major source of fender-bender claims.

To view a video demonstration of Continental's Valet Parking, click on the image or link below the headline.