Former Spireon chief executive Marc Brungger has joined Tourmaline Labs, a provider of driving behavior and artificial intelligence-based mobility platforms, in the same role, that company has announced.

The transition coincides with the company receiving substantial reinvestment from ClearVision Equity Partners and its record-breaking user activations over the last several months — expanding its user base to more than 500,000 subscribers in 150 countries — and aligns with the strategic acceleration of Tourmaline Labs' mass commercialization of its AI platform. Brungger started with the company on Sept. 5.

As Tourmaline Labs' CEO, Brungger will invest additional resources into the company's technology platform, as well as to deepen its sales and service capabilities, all in preparation for the next phase of growth of the San Diego-based software company.

Another area of keen focus for Brungger includes expanding customer support and establishing a more streamlined and automated customer onboarding process. 

Tourmaline Lab's Lukas Kuhn, founder and chief technology officer, teamed up with Sven Beerweiler, former CEO, to form the company based on a vision that would enable every organization to seamlessly gather mobility data without the logistical and economic burden of today's hardware-centric solutions, according the the company.

As the CEO of Spireon, Brungger steered the company through a successful transition from multiple software products to a unified platform, capable of supporting solutions for multiple vertical markets, while at the same time overseeing a rapid expansion and doubling of revenue and drastically increasing operating margin. During his tenure, Spireon became North America's largest aftermarket telematics provider by volume, growing to well over 3 million active subscribers, according to the company.

Prior to Spireon, Brungger served as an executive vice president and general manager at Mitchell International, where he executed a customer-centric culture on a global scale that resulted in higher customer satisfaction scores netting higher customer retention. He transformed multiple point solutions and workflow tools into a single, scalable platform with two distinct user experiences for insurance companies and the automotive industry.