Photo: J.J. Keller

Photo: J.J. Keller

With some industry observers worrying about whether the supply of electronic logging devices will meet the demand as we near the Dec. 17 deadline to install the mandatory devices, J.J. Keller & Associates announced it will make the transition earlier for fleets who want to wait until closer to the deadline.

The J.J. Keller ELD Reserve It Plan lets fleets reserve J.J. Keller ELDs with guaranteed shipment between November 1-10, 2017, and zero service fees until January 2018. The offer runs through October 31.

“Over 50% of the fleets we surveyed are waiting until November or December to switch to ELDs, or they're undecided,” said Tom Reader, director of marketing at J.J. Keller. “We created the J. J. Keller ELD Reserve It Plan to get fleets everything they need in time to make the switch and avoid violations from being out of compliance with the mandate. The fourth quarter is already a busy one for most fleets and it's easy for things to fall through the cracks.”

J.J. Keller ELDs, which are on the FMCSA’s ELD registry of self-certified compliant devices, are part of J.J. Keller's Encompass Fleet Management System with ELogs, which includes an online dashboard for HOS compliance, an ELog app that’s compatible with most smart devices, and service options ranging from stand-alone ELogs to full performance management. For more information visit