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A city in New Zealand launched an electric car-sharing service that will grant the public access to a fleet of 100 vehicles available at 10 hubs.

A pool of 70 vehicles will be available in Christchurch in November at three hubs, according to the New Zealand Herald. In February, an additional 30 vehicles will be added as well as the seven additional hubs.

The service in Christchurch will look to reduce in emissions and offer a more efficient use of vehicles to residents and businesses, according to the New Zealand Herald.

The service will be implemented by Yoogo, a New Zealand fleet management company, according to Stuff. Interested drivers can sign up for the service online or via smartphone app.

The first hubs in the service will be at a Christchurch airport and art gallery, with Hyundai Ioniq and BMWi3 vehicles available, according to the New Zealand Herald.