NTEA announced the addition of the Fleet Technical Congress to its "Work Truck Week."

This inaugural event will be held in conjunction with The Work Truck Show 2018 and Green Truck Summit in Indianapolis, taking place March 6, 2018.

At Fleet Technical Congress, fleet managers can explore the latest technology solutions while gaining management insights from leaders of some of the country's biggest fleets and suppliers.

"We see two significant trends acting as change agents in the fleet management world," said George Survant, NTEA senior director of fleet relations. "First, there's a whole new range of technology and tools associated with commercial vehicles that are changing the face of the industry in a substantial way. At the same time, we're seeing a significant refreshing of leadership in professional fleet management nationwide. As a result, we believe this is an opportune time to capture the lessons learned by some of our industry's top fleet professionals who will share their experience and vision as a foundation for the next generation of leaders."

Learn more at worktruckshow.com/fleettechnicalcongress