Rewire Security has released its fleet management software GPSLive Fleet that enables businesses to manage fleets of five to 5,000 vehicles on a cloud-based digital platform using a desktop or mobile device, the company announced.

With GPSLive Fleet, managers can view the real-time location of their vehicles and the routes taken for up to 90 days, manage fuel usage and work hours, create administrative reports and, in the case of theft, immobilize a vehicle remotely.

"Today's businesses need ever more of an edge to beat their competitors, with a focus on improving services through digital progress," said Ekim Saribardak, marketing manager. "GPS is at the forefront of the digital era and any business with a vehicle fleet should be using it."

GPSLive Fleet provides a more convenient way for businesses to monitor and manage all aspects of their vehicle fleets, identifying issues, scheduling maintenance and optimizing fuel usage to improve fleet efficiency. It also offers insight into driver behaviour, enabling supervisors to assess drivers who are behaving inappropriately and to take necessary actions. In addition to software, Rewire Security offers high-quality telematics devices and mapping services that prepare businesses for the future while making their working lives easier, according to the company.

"Rewire Security's GPSLive Fleet helps businesses to view their drivers' real-time whereabouts and historical performance, improve delivery times and customer satisfaction, reduce fuel usage, enhance vehicle maintenance and even immobilise a stolen vehicle," said Saribardak. "Our packages include high-quality hardware, reliable software and customer tech support to ensure our customers have all the information related to their vehicles at their fingertips, 24/7."