Audi's next-generation A8 sedan will offer several advanced mapping technologies, including fast online route calculation, more information on the course of the road, and a navigation map that will feature a new graphic representation and detailed 3D city models.

The new technologies are being enabled through Audi's partnership with HERE Technologies, Audi has announced.

The new navigation will offer more realistic representations of many buildings.

Another highlight comes through route calculation, which takes place primarily through HERE's servers and onboard in the car. It takes into acount the overall traffic picture throughout the region, and includes events far off the planned route that could potentially impact the trip.

Faster data transfer is achieved through standard LTE Advanced.

Greater interaction is made possible because a driver can trace a new route with a finger to activate it.

Audi is also planning to add traffic sign information and hazard information in its A4, A5, Q5, and Q7.