Photo of the 2018 Leaf courtesy of Nissan.

Photo of the 2018 Leaf courtesy of Nissan.

Nissan's Leaf 2.0 arrives for 2018 with a 40% increase in range to 150 miles paired with a price cut of $690 to $29,990, as it now faces increasing competition from Tesla and Chevrolet to deliver more affordable, higher-range battery-electric vehicles.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf doesn't offer the 200-mile range now available from the Model 3 or Chevrolet Bolt EV, but provides a more affordable price. The Bolt EV carries an MSRP of $37,495, while the Model 3 costs at least $35,000.

The 2018 Leaf is equipped with a 40-kWh battery and a 240-volt, Level 2 charger that enables a full charge in eight hours. Nissan has also enabled Level 3 DC fast charging that can add 90 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Nissan has been touting the 2018 Leaf's single-pedal driving approach its calling e-Pedal that's activated by a switch on the dash. When in use, the technology allows the driver to bring the Leaf to a full stop without applying the brakes.

Nissan has also added a semi-autonomous driving technology known as ProPilot Assist for single-lane driving that can automatically control the distance from the vehicle in front using a speed set by the driver between 18 mph and 62 mph.