Drivers like the yard truck's quiet operation. Photo: Orange EV

Drivers like the yard truck's quiet operation. Photo: Orange EV

Orange EV and The Anderson DuBose Company are deploying an all-electric Class 8 yard truck in the McDonald’s distribution network.

The Orange EV T-Series electric yard truck replaced a diesel model at The Anderson DuBose Company’s Rochester, New York, distribution center, where it manages and moves dispatch trailers. The truck is seen as an important step in the sustainability efforts of Anderson DuBose and McDonald’s.

Switching to an all-electric yard truck will significantly reduce the company's carbon footprint while also supporting the company’s customer commitment to sustainability. Each year, Anderson DuBose sets aggressive sustainability targets to reduce electricity consumption, diesel fuel usage, and waste-to-landfill. 

Anderson DuBose said drivers report that the new truck is smooth, quiet, cool and clean in addition to being environmentally friendly.

“I’ve heard nothing but great comments from the drivers," said Tom Hank, general manager of the Anderson DuBose Rochester facility. "Orange EV’s truck is more comfortable and our operators really like the quiet and smooth operation. Management is pleased that we can provide a safer and healthier working environment – the truck has no engine and no emissions." 

The Anderson DuBose Company is a distribution company based in Lordstown, Ohio, and it works closely with the other members of the North American Logistics Council to identify and share best practices. 

"Being the first to identify the Orange EV truck and work through the steps to on-board the vehicle enables us to be a resource for the other distributors," said Hank. "They can visit, observe truck operations, understand our design and business case, and hopefully deploy more trucks throughout the country."

Originally posted on Trucking Info