Geotab has added Drivin's delivery tracking and optimization solution to the Geotab Marketplace, the telematics provider announced.

The Drivin software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution helps fleet owners maximize both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing deep, actionable, real-time insights into their vehicles' locations and status.

Drivers can use a mobile app, developed by Drivin, to get their daily route and delivery instructions. The app also logs the delivery date, time, and signature, and reports any problems, such as rejections of the deliveries, to fleet managers and customer success teams. Popular navigation apps used by drivers, can also be connected to Drivin to help fleets avoid traffic jams and other delays.

Drivin features application programming interfaces (APIs) for integration with warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning platforms. When integrated with Geotab's fleet management solution, Drivin enables dispatchers and fleet managers to:

  • Instantly access information about the status of every delivery and the location of every vehicle — and then provide their customers with real-time updates.
  • Identify the optimal routes and delivery sequences such as stop 1 address, stop 2 address to maximize employee and vehicle productivity.
  • Create alerts to address delays, unplanned stops and other problems before they affect customers.
  • Access reports about day-to-day operations to enable informed business decisions, such as whether additional vehicles and drivers are needed, or where efficiency could be improved.