Photo of 2018 F-Type courtesy of Jaguar.

Photo of 2018 F-Type courtesy of Jaguar.

Jaguar picked two towns in Scotland and Oregon, called Dull and Boring, to launch its 2018 F-Type.

Jaguar picked two residents from each town to test the 2018 F-Type R with drives to local stores, coffee shops, and fuel stations.

Dull has a population of 200 residents, and sits nearly 75 miles north of Scotland’s largest city of Glasgow. Boring sits approximately 21 miles east of Portland, Ore., and is home to 8,000 residents. The two towns formed an international alliance in 2012 to boost the profile of each town, and celebrate the annual public holiday known as Dull and Boring Day on Aug. 9.

The 2018 F-Type brings several updates to a model range with 24 derivatives, including a new turbocharged 296-hp Ingenium four-cylinder entry model, several suprcharged V-6 options, and the all-wheel 575-hp V-8 F-Type SVR.

Additional updates include standard Jaguar InControl Touch Pro infotainment that supports apps and driver assistance technologies.

Jaguar also now offers GoPro connectivity on all 2018 vehicles equipped with InControl Touch Pro with an app called ReRun that sources telemetry data from the car and measures speed, lateral acceleration, gear selection, throttle and brake position. It overlayes this information onto a dashboard on video filmed with the GoPro camera that's paired and mounted to the car.