<p><em>Photo of 2017-MY half-ton pickups courtesy of Ford, GM, FCA, and Nissan.</em></p>

Sales of vehicles to commercial fleets from nine manufactures were flat in July, declining 0.6% to 49,158 units mostly due to a decline in passenger car sales.

During the month, sales of passenger cars slipped 40% to 4,563 compared to the same period a year ago. Sales of pickups, vans, and SUVs increased 6.5% to 44,595.

For the year to date, sales to commercial fleets have slipped 1.9% to 415,530. Car sales have fallen 19.3% to 55,030, while truck-based sales have increased 1.4% to 360,500.

Sales to government fleets from five manufacturers fell 16.7% to 22,160 for the month with car sales off 11.6% to 3,715 and truck-based sales off 17.8% to 18,445. For the year, government sales have fallen 10.5% to 179,534 with car sales off 12.8% to 33,701 units and truck-based sales down 9.9% to 145,833.

Daily rental sales from nine manufacturers fell 38.5% to 99,619 units with a 36.6% decline to 52,679 units in car sales and a 40.7% decline to 46,940 units in truck-based sales. Year-to-date sales have fallen 16.8% to 1.19 million vehicles with a 24.4% decline to 618,504 in car sales and an 8.6% decline to 574,447 units in truck-based sales.

For all three segments, fleet sales in July have fallen 24.8% to 128,838 units with a 38.8% decline to 35,660 in car sales and a 17.5% decline to 93,178 units in truck-based sales. Year to date, the three fleet segments have fallen 12.6% to 1.56 million with a 23.3% decline in car sales to 552,192 and a 5.5% decline to 1.01 million in truck sales.