Donlen's DriverPoint Telematics solution will now receive data from General Motors' OnStar system to improve efficiency, the fleet management company announced.

With the integration, the DriverPoint system will receive driver behavior and location information as well as vehicle diagnostics data from the vehicle. The system has been integrated into Donlen's FleetWeb platform, meaning fleets professionals don't need an OBD-II device.

Through this functionality, Donlen is able to offer customers an efficient, deviceless telematics solution that addresses what has been a common concern for fleets: the administrative time of installing and managing telematics hardware, according to Donlen.

Telematics hardware installation is no longer required with OnStar, so fleet professionals will not have to spend time shipping, installing, managing, and returning devices.

"We've made the OnStar data that is already being captured by the vehicle available to the fleet professional in order to allow for driver coaching and training, when appropriate, to improve driver safety," said Tom Sloan, Donlen's director of telematics and safety products. "With this new capability, device installation and management is no longer necessary, allowing fleets to spend less time on device administration and more time focusing on insights that allow for policy improvements."

Underground utility locating company USIC tested the system and provided feedback and recommendations. USIC uses DriverPoint Telematics for a fleet of more than 8,000 vehicles to improve driver safety and monitor the location of its vehicles.

"DriverPoint works very well for us. We've found a lot of benefits, not only from an improved productivity perspective, but especially with improved driver safety," said Phil Samuelson, fleet and capital asset manager at USIC. "However, it takes time to install 8,000 devices and keep them up and running at all times. Our vehicles are located from the West Coast to the East Coast and its challenging to manage the installs at all times, but with OnStar sending data directly to DriverPoint we've been able to overcome that challenge while receiving the valuable data that our fleet needs."