Photo by Vince Taroc.

Photo by Vince Taroc.

The average national price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline remains at a low for the year at $2.26, despite increased demand at the start of the summer driving season, reports AAA.

The average, which last reached this level in February, has fallen for 24 consecutive days. It's now 3 cents lower than a week ago, 11 cents lower than a month ago, and 4 cents lower than a year ago.

Record refinery rates, high gasoline and crude inventory, and less-than-favorable demand this year are among the contributing factors causing the downward price trend, according to AAA.

The states with the largest year-over-year changes include Hawaii (up 26 cents), Illinois (down 22 cents), New Jersey (up 19 cents), Ohio (down 18 cents), Utah (up 18 cents), Alaska (up 17 cents), Wisconsin (down 16 cents), Washington (up 16 cents), Oklahoma (down 15 cents) and Oregon (up 14 cents).

States with the cheapest gas this week include South Carolina ($1.93), Oklahoma ($1.95), Alabama ($1.99), Mississippi ($2.00), Missouri ($2.01), Tennessee ($2.02), Arkansas ($2.02), Virginia ($2.03), Texas ($2.06) and Kansas ($2.07).

Meanwhile, the average price of diesel fell 2.4 cents to $2.465. Diesel is now 3.9 cents higher than a year ago.