Image of self-driving car courtesy of Continental.

Image of self-driving car courtesy of Continental.

Automotive supplier Continental said it has joined an autonomous driving platform collaboration involving BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye, with Continental set to serve as both a project development partner and system integrator.

The project’s goal is to establish a model for highly and fully automated driving that will provide scalable solutions for the global auto industry.

“As a system integrator, Continental plays a key role in the industrialization of the platform for other automotive manufacturers and to bring the joint solutions to the market more quickly,” Continental said in a released statement. “The BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye already bundled their resources and know-how in July 2016 to ensure series production of highly and fully automated BMW vehicles by 2021.”

Continental’s expertise includes many of the technical systems required for autonomous driving. Continental is a leading supplier of systems for multi-function cameras and for fish-eye cameras with surround view, along with short-range and long-range radar sensors. This includes high-resolution 3D LiDAR technologies as well as central control units for assisted and automated driving.

Continental is headquartered in Hanover, Germany.

“Together with the partners involved, we can work more efficiently on research and development tasks in order to realize the next generations of the technologies for automated driving,” said Frank Jourdan, head of Continental’s chassis and safety division. “In addition, this collaboration will provide solutions that are more cost-effective for our customers and affordable to end users.”