Photo courtesy of Daimler.

Photo courtesy of Daimler.

Production of BharatBenz trucks in Indian has ramped since its launch almost five years ago with approximately 50,000 assets currently on the road in India and more than 10,000 trucks having been exported to more than 30 markets.

India now ranks as fifth important market for Daimler Trucks worldwide – with 13,100 units sold in 2016, according to the automaker. BharatBenz, a division of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, was created specifically for the Indian market.

Further reflecting the expansion on exports, export numbers have doubled for several years in a row and In 2016, exports from India again doubled up to more than 4,000 units.

The Indian Commercial Vehicles brand from Daimler also recently launched the BharatBenz heavy-duty range in April. The vehicle brings improvements in fuel efficiency combined with lower maintenance costs, according to the automaker