Photo of Volvo XC90 courtesy of Volvo.

Photo of Volvo XC90 courtesy of Volvo.

Volvo is recalling 1,305 XC90 luxury SUVs in the 2017 model year so dealers can resolve a safety threat associated with a seat belt retractor, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration.

The problem is related to a micro gas generator (MGG), a subcomponent part used within the right-hand-side seat belt retractor for the third-row seats. This part might detach after the seat belt retractor pretensioner deploys during a crash, and the MGG could become a projectile in the vehicle cabin, NHTSA said.

Volvo dealers will replace the third-row passenger’s side seat belt retractor, free of charge, to fix the problem. The recall is expected to begin Aug. 7.

Vehicle owners can reach Volvo customer service at (800) 458-1552. Volvo’s number for this recall is R89716.