<p><em>Photo by Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons.</em></p>

Photo by Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Commons.

VIDEO: iPhone Update Blocks Texts While Driving

The upcoming Apple iPhone operating system update will include a new feature that will withhold incoming notifications — such as text messages and news alerts — while the phone’s user is driving, according to Apple.

The phone can respond to an incoming text by sending an automatic reply indicating that the recipient is driving and can’t reply immediately.

Additionally, the iPhone screen will lock up to prevent the driver from using most apps. The feature, called Do Not Disturb While Driving, will be part of Apple’s iOS 11 system.

Do Not Disturb While Driving will not prevent drivers from using Apple CarPlay or Apple Maps. But drivers won’t be able to manually input destinations while the vehicle is in motion. 

Passengers can indicate they’re not driving to disable Do Not Disturb While Driving. And, of course, a driver intent on staying distracted can also override the feature by misidentifying himself or herself as a passenger.

To view a video news report about the forthcoming safety feature, click on the photo or link below the headline.