Photo: Buick

Photo: Buick

Buick has announced the addition of eAssist light electrification for its 2018 LaCrosse model, increasing fuel economy when paired with a four-cylinder engine compared to the V-6. 

The eAssist system increases city fuel economy by 19 percent, compared to the LaCrosse’s V-6. The new system features a compact lithium-ion battery pack for torque-assisted launch, regenerative braking, and a smoother stop and start. The eAssist light electrification also sees a nine percent increase in overall torque, in comparison to previous Buick eAssist systems.

With the introduction of the new powertrain, Buick will lower the 2018 LaCrosse's starting price to $30,490. The 3.6L V-6 will be an available option on select trims.

The 2018 LaCrosse will feature expanded availability of AWD and a nine-speed automatic transmission for V-6 models. By next year, five Buick models will offer this transmission. Buick’s intelligent AWD with active twin clutch is also available for its Essence trim.