The Geotab Marketplace has added DispatchPlus, a mobile app from pdvWireless, Inc. that provides push-to-talk functionality for fleets using GPS-based fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions.

DispatchPlus provides customers with voice communication, tools for field documentation and reporting, as well as GPS tracking via two-way radios and smart devices from the private wireless carrier and provider of workforce management solutions.

"Our end-to-end application is a natural extension of Geotab's current portfolio and provides push-to-talk voice communications, which is a completely new service to their suite of offerings," said Chris Hackett, vice president of marketing for pdvWireless.

"Through our partnership with pdvWireless, Geotab customers can now streamline business productivity by eliminating ineffective communication efforts," said Joey Marlow, vice president of U.S. operations. "pdvWireless' instant voice communication, status updates and GPS worker location will not only help improve communication, but it will also support security and safety – key pillars of innovation at  Geotab."

The Geotab Marketplace provides customers with an ecosystem of business-focused applications and add-ons. The marketplace offers over 150 third-party solutions to more than 15,000 Geotab customers.