Screenshot of Xcelerate courtesy of Element.

Screenshot of Xcelerate courtesy of Element.

Element Fleet Management has fully launched its new fleet management platform, Xcelerate, the fleet management company has announced.

Element first previewed its next-generation, analytics-driven information technology product at a roundtable in early October. The company built the Xcelerate on the Apache Cassandra database management system that's used by Netflix, Apple, the Weather Channel and others.

Xcelerate includes an intuitive user interface and reporting features that are optimized for drivers as well as fleet managers with a mobile app and website that was launched in the summer of 2016.

Element made the platform available to its customers in early 2017, and has begun adding new analytics tools to the core platform, according to the company.

The platform is designed to allow Element to integrate diverse data, such as weather, parts data or geography, and combine them with Element’s vehicle, accident, fuel, maintenance and telematics data.

"Xcelerate will give fleet managers an advantage because it allows them to explore cross-connections across a wide range of fleet and third-party data. With Cassandra as the foundation, this can also happen very quickly," said John Wall, chief technology officer, Element. "Our infrastructure is uniquely able to help customers uncover data connections that were difficult to prove, or insights on questions we didn’t know to ask."