SAE International is holding an invitation only event on the topic of Autonomous and Automated Vehicle Development on June 6 to 7 in San Jose, Calif. reserved for VP and C-level executives, according to the organization.

The three main topics that will be discussed at the event are cyber security, vehicle calidation/testing, and regulations/requirements.

“SAE International knows that Major Fleet Companies will be the first adopters of the technology and believe that education is key to a faster development and deployment process,” said Tim Cavanaugh, the Connect2Car event developer with SAE International. “This event is run by the Automotive VPs of the OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers who are responsible for autonomous and automated vehicles.”

Invitations will be sent out by the Conect2Car Board. However, VP and above executives that are interested can send a request to Cavanaugh at

More information can be found here.