Corporate Claims Management (CCM) has updated its safety and management websites, FleetConnect2 and FleetGuard, to include a tool that simplifies fleet data analytics.

The release includes a Business Intelligence (BI) analytical tool that will allow clients to drill down into multiple data points using interactive visualization charts on a dashboard layout. Once the analysis is completed, the dashboard charts and data can be exported into PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint formats for use in an executive report, according to the company.

The BI dashboard is available for all of CCM services, including accident management, maintenance, and driver svafety.

The needs and wants of CCM's clients have changed over the last couple of years as there has been an emphasis on looking to analyze and identify potential issues or trends pertaining to accidents, maintenance and driver safety, according to the company. With the abundance of data available, CCM felt the need to deliver an online tool that would allow its clients to review this data in a more visual and interactive format.