Screenshot of ARI WatchList courtesy of ARI.

Screenshot of ARI WatchList courtesy of ARI.

ARI has introduced ARI WatchList, a tool that notifies a fleet manager of critical events as they happen and allows such events to be monitored in a newsfeed format reminiscent of a social media feed.

ARI WatchList tracks events such as accident and downtime to allow a fleet manager to take immediate action and work to ensure they don’t overspend because of these events, according to the fleet management company. The tool is available via the ARI insights portal to ARI clients currently using its Accident Management and Telematics programs.

“ARI WatchList brings critical incidents to a fleet manager’s attention right away in a highly visible area of the ARI insights dashboard,” said Tony Candeloro, vice president of product development and client information services. “This automatic and transparent notification process is a giant leap forward in terms of empowering a fleet manager to take quick action and is integral to a quick resolution.”

The ARI WatchList’s immediate notifications help limit the amount of productive time lost from a vehicle being down, the company said. When fleet managers are notified of a downtime incident, they can ascertain which vehicle is off-road, proactively contact the vendor before a purchase order is issued and make any alternate arrangements necessary to get the driver back on the road as quickly as possible.

“Though it’s hard to measure, we have found that an hour of downtime can cost approximately $150, although factors such as the type of vehicle, how it’s used, and the driver’s salary will impact that figure,” Candeloro said. “That can add up very quickly for a fleet and have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line.”

When users click on an ARI WatchList notification, they can view all of the details surrounding the event. Any incident deemed of utmost importance can be pinned to the top of the feed to allow users to keep it front-of-mind.

The ARI WatchList allows fleet managers to subscribe to notifications they are interested in receiving and dismiss issues as they are resolved. Notifications can be shared with other ARI insights users within their organization so that those who need to act to resolve an incident are all fully aware of the situation.