Driver training provider eDriving Fleet will offer its RoadRisk Plus driving training and risk reduction program to a variety of fleets in late 2017, the company has announced.

The program uses a two-part system that incorporates risk reduction and training using a research-based assessment tool and online courses. The program uses real-world video scenarios to test drivers' ability to spot hazards in time. It proviudes training content that's tailored to drivers' risk areas, according to the company.

The RoadRISK Plus assessment identifies an individual's risk level by assessing multiple variables including attitudes, knowledge of defensive driving principles, behavioral attributes, travel patterns, vehicle use and personal profile.

After collecting extensive interactive driver input, RoadRISK Plus classifies drivers as either high-, medium- or low-risk. Based on the resulting risk analysis, the tool prescribes individualized training from among 12 RiskCOACH courses. These courses are available in 45 languages with country-, region-, language- and culture-specific content, according to eDriving.

The RoadRISK assessment can accurately predict a driver's risk of becoming involved in a traffic collision with 70% accuracy, according to the company.