Atlanta's North Avenue corridor includes part of the Georgia Tech campus.  Photo by Mistercontributor via Wikimedia Commons.

Atlanta's North Avenue corridor includes part of the Georgia Tech campus. Photo by Mistercontributor via Wikimedia Commons.

A global coalition of private companies has selected three cities — including Atlanta in the U.S. — to partner with and assist in creating strategies for resolving road safety problems.

The coalition, Together for Safer Roads (TSR), also chose Sao Paulo, Brazil and Shanghai, China. TSR member companies will share expertise, data, technology and global networks to identify safety challenges and formulate potential solutions.

As part of the Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program, TSR is supporting Atlanta’s goal to reduce the number of pedestrian and vehicle crashes along the North Avenue smart corridor. In 2014, the crash rate on North Avenue was more than 200% worse than the statewide average for similar corridors. To develop solutions for reducing this crash rate, TSR is analyzing the corridor’s root causes of collision risk. Analysis is based on curating and aggregating data sources and insights from the City of Atlanta and TSR member companies.

“I am pleased that the City of Atlanta was chosen from among the world’s cities to participate in TSR’s Safer Roads Challenge, an exciting partnership to tap the expertise of the private sector in order to make our roadways safer for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed. “Atlanta’s North Avenue corridor needs study and solutions to reduce wrecks and promote safety. I look forward to what we will be able to accomplish in collaboration with TSR.”

Local jurisdictions apply to the Safer Roads Challenge by identifying a major strategic road safety challenge that they propose to address with TSR support. Winning cities then work with a team of experts from TSR member companies. Eventually, the TSR team delivers strategic recommendations.

“Recognizing that safer roads are a shared responsibility, our Safer Roads Challenge initiative brings the private sector together to work side by side with local governments and stakeholders,” said Carlos Brito, chairman of TSR and CEO of AB InBev. “We are able to bring the private sector’s innovative spirit, creative thinking, and nimbleness to each challenge to accelerate understanding of the root causes and develop sustainable solutions.”

TSR member companies include AB InBev, Abertis, AIG, AT&T, Ericsson, Facebook, General Motors, IBM, iHeartMedia, Octo Telematics, PepsiCo, Republic Services, Ryder, UPS and Walmart.