Photo courtesy of Toyota.

Photo courtesy of Toyota.

The California Energy Commission has awarded $33 million to Shell, FirstElement Fuel, and Air Liquide to construct 16 hydrogen fueling stations in California, according to an agency announcement.

Shell Oil Products would receive $16.3 million to add hydrogen refueling equipment to seven retail stations in San Francisco (three), Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Sacramento, and Citrus Heights. Shell will develop the stations through its Equilon Enterprises LLC subsidiary.

FirstElement Fuel will receive $15 million to build stations in Sherman Oaks, Sunnyvale, Santa Monica, Oakland, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Campbell, and Irvine.

The commission is also awarding $1.7 million to Air Liquide Advanced Technologies to construct a connector station along Interstate 5 in Santa Nella.

The grants come from the state's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP). Applications were taken after the commission published a solicitation on April 6.

In January. Royal Dutch Shell, Toyota, BMW, Daimler, Honda, and Hyundai pledged to invest $10.7 billion toward developing hydrogen fueling technology for vehicles and other uses.

"Providing accessible, reliable and convenient refueling is key to mainstream adoption of fuel cell vehicles," said Craig Scott, Toyota's advanced technology vehicle senior manager. "Shell's partnership will bring the expertise and resources of a major energy company to hydrogen infrastructure efforts in California. The team of Toyota and Shell will bring us one step closer to a hydrogen society."