Spartan Motors' fleet upfitting division has opened a new assembly facility in Kansas City to provide fleets with tailored upfits of cargo vans and other fleet vehicles in close proximity to Ford's Kansas City Assembly Plant that produces the Transit full-size van, the company announced.

The 146,000-square-foot facility will be operated by Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services, which encompases the Utilimaster brand of service and delivery van bodies. The facility will utilize Ford's ship-through program for the Transit.

Spartan Upfit Services will focus on upfitting cargo van fleets, including those serving the utility, telecom, health care, construction, food and beverage, and parcel delivery markets.  Spartan Upfit Services can customize upfits that ease the storing, transporting, and loading and unloading processes to increase driver productivity and overall efficiency, according to the company.

"Our team has conducted hundreds of ride-alongs in the field with drivers from all types of vocations in an effort to better understand the unique challenges they face," said John Forbes, president of Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services. "This understanding has driven the Spartan Upfit Services design process and has resulted in our ability to provide informed base upfit packages and specialty options that not only do the job, but do it in the most efficient and effective way possible."

Check out a video of the new facility below: