Logo courtesy of E-FLEET.com's website

Logo courtesy of E-FLEET.com's website

E-FLEET.com, a startup that provides those looking to join the ride-hail business with an entire fleet of airport-based electric vehicles, has launched a Fundable crowd-funding campaign to introduce their new service to the public.

E-FLEET.com offers vehicles to Uber and Lyft drivers who choose not to buy or lease their own car or don’t have a qualifying vehicle necessary to work, according to the company.

The company intends to launch its first locations in San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, and San Francisco, located in proximity to airport zones.

"E-FLEET.com is the perfect solution for those with a valid driver's license but have chosen not to buy or lease their own car or may have other challenges that hinder vehicle ownership," said Ethan Zee, co-founder of E-FLEET.com. "Our mission is to create an easy way for people to maximize their income while leveling the overall playing field of the on-demand economy."

Ride-hailing drivers will have access to E-FLEET.com's fleet of around 200 electric vehicles, which will include the Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Golf, Chevy Bolt, and eventually the Tesla Model 3.

E-FLEET.com's business model provides drivers with brand-new electric vehicles with flexible schedules and no insurance payments. In addition, E-FLEET.com intends to offer drivers weekly bonuses and profit-sharing plans. Drivers also keep all tips, according to the company.

"When you look at the alternative, that is, traditional car ownership, it sort of becomes a no-brainer,” said Zee. “With E-FLEET.com, there's no more monthly car and car insurance payments, no more maintenance costs, no more paying for a car even when you're not driving it. You name it. Not only is this a cost-effective solution to owning your own car, but E-FLEET.com's cars actually work for you, making you money in the process."

E-FLEET.com's Fundable campaign opened Jan. 24. Backers can receive their first 100 miles for free starting at a $25 pledge level or a two-hour Tesla Model S guided tour starting at $58, according to the company.

Originally posted on Auto Rental News